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Commission Communication on Conflict Prevention, 
11 April 2001

Commission Communication on Conflict Prevention


Co-operation with other countries

Conflict prevention is an integral part of the EUís political dialogue with many industrialised
partner countries such as the US, Canada, Japan, Russia and Norway. However different the
respective approaches may be, the EU clearly shares with them common political goals of
international security and stability. Dialogue with those partners should be used to improve
information exchange and co-ordination of activities including démarches in international
fora. It should also be used to develop common conflict indicators. In this respect, the EU can
learn from countries such as Canada and Norway which have developed quite advanced
conflict indicators and early warning systems for use in development co-operation. (...)

Annex: List of Recommendations

The Commission (...) proposes to integrate more systematically into the political dialogue with partner countries discussions on early-warning systems and regular monitoring of potential conflict zones. In post-conflict situations, it intends to play a more active role within the "Friends of"
approach and to foster exchanges of information among donors (...)