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Action Plan for the Northern Dimension 2000-2003,
13 June 2000

Action Plan for the Northern Dimension

· As part of the continuing dialogue between the Russian Federation and the EU within
the framework of the PCA, Kaliningrad oblast presents a challenge for enhanced
regional cooperation and development. Kaliningradís capacity to take advantage of the
opportunities presented by enlargement would require significant internal adjustment
e.g. in the field of customs and border controls, fight against organised crime and
corruption, structural reform, public administration and human resources.

· The Copenhagen Conference on the "Northern Dimension and Kaliningrad: European
and Regional Integration", held on 17-18 May 2000, provided for a comprehensive,
informal discussion on key issues pertaining to co-operation with Kaliningrad as part of
the Russian Federation, as well as concrete proposals for the way ahead. The
conclusions of the Chair and other contributions presented at the Conference form
elements for consideration in further work on the EU Northern Dimension initiative.

· An EU study on the prospects of the Kaliningrad oblast, the support already provided to
the region and the possible steps to further promote co-operation between Russia and
the enlarging EU could be considered.