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Russia's response to the Common Strategy of the EU of 4 June 1999

Medium-term Strategy for Development of Relations between the Russian Federation and the European Union (2000-2010)


5.2. Before the next expansion of the European Union to conduct consultations with it, its individual members and candidates aimed at securing Russia’s interests as the rules of the EU agricultural, technological and antidumping policies, its visa and border regimes, or preferences to the developing countries which are competing with the Russian exports are extended to the countries of Central and Eastern Europe and the Baltic states, as well as to safeguard, in the interests of stability, security and cooperation in Europe, the rights of the Russian-speaking population in the Baltic states.

To consider, as a reserve option, a refusal to extend the PCA to cover those candidate-countries that, in spite of the existing agreements, do not ensure fulfillment of the generally recognized norms. To secure that the EU fully follow the high standards established by it as to the admittance of new members. In contacts with the EU to pay special attention to securing protection, including under the international law, of the interests of the Kaliningrad region as an entity of the Russian Federation and of the territorial integrity of Russia (see also Chapter 8, item 4).