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 4th of June 1999

Common Strategy of the European Union on Russia


3. Cooperation to strengthen stability and security in Europe and beyond The EU wishes to deepen and widen cooperation with Russia and identify common responses to the security challenges in Europe and beyond through: 
(b) Russia's place in the European Security Architecture 
- by further developing cooperation with Russia in the new European Security Architecture within the framework of the OSCE, in particular in the run-up to the Istanbul Summit; 
-  by continuing cooperation with Russia in the elaboration of aspects of the European Security Charter; 
- by considering facilitating the participation of Russia when the EU avails itself of the WEU for missions within the range of the Petersberg tasks. 

(c) Preventive diplomacy 
- by enhancing EU-Russia cooperation to contribute to conflict prevention, crisis management and conflict resolution, including within the OSCE and the UN; 
-  by promoting arms control and disarmament and the implementation of existing agreements, reinforcing export controls, curbing the proliferation of WMD, and supporting nuclear disarmament and CW destruction.