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Nice European Council Conclusions,
9 December 2000


In Feira, it was recalled that Russia, Ukraine, other European States with which the Union
maintains political dialogue and other interested States such as Canada could be invited to
participate in EU-led operations.

To that end, the Union proposes stepping up dialogue, cooperation and consultation on
security and defence issues with the countries concerned within the framework of existing
agreements on the basis of the following principles:

In the routine phase, the Union will conduct exchanges of information on questions relating to
the ESDP and military crisis-management through meetings on this topic, which will normally
be held once every six months by the PSC Troika. Additional meetings will be organised if the
Council deems it necessary. In a crisis situation, when the possibility of a military
crisis-management operation is being considered, such consultations conducted in Troika
format or by the Secretary-General/High Representative will constitute the framework
making it possible for exchanges of views and discussions on possible participation by
potential partners to be held. 

The European Union has already welcomed the interest shown by Canada. Consultations with
Canada will be stepped up in times of crisis. Participation by Canada will be of particular
importance in the case of EU operations drawing on NATO assets and capabilities. In this
context, when the Union embarks on detailed examination of an option making use of NATO
assets and capabilities, particular attention will be paid to consultation with Canada.

The countries participating in an operation may appoint liaison officers to Planning Staff and,
together with all the EU members, attend the Committee of Contributors with the same rights
and obligations as the other participating States as far as day-to-day management of the
operation is concerned.

These initial principles are without prejudice to any specific consultation and/or participation
mechanisms which may be concluded with some of the countries concerned. The EU has, for
example, adopted with Russia a joint declaration on strengthening dialogue on political and
security questions in Europe, providing in particular for specific consultations on security and
defence issues.