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Work programme of the Swedish Presidency,
14 December 2000

Programme of the Swedish Presidency
of the European Union


Cooperation between the EU and Russia is of fundamental significance for the security and development of Europe. This issue has therefore been given high priority. The Presidency intends to continue energetically the implementation of the EU common strategy taking into account the general political context. A long-term perspective and an intensified political dialogue are necessary. The issues that should be at the centre of attention include: 

support for civil society and free opinion forming 
the environment and nuclear safety/waste 
the fight against organised crime 
cooperation in the area of disarmament and non-proliferation 
integration of Russia into the world economy

The Northern Dimension

The EU's Northern Dimension provides an important platform for developing the EU's commitment to the Baltic Sea region. The Northern Dimension should be given more concrete content based on the special character of the region. It should strengthen cooperation across the EU's external borders in northern Europe. It is also essential to develop regional cooperation, for example, through the Council of the Baltic Sea States, the Barents Euro-Arctic Council and the Arctic Council. The Presidency aims to follow up the EU guidelines and action plan for the Northern Dimension for the period 2000-2003. Special attention should be given to the Union's relations with Kaliningrad.