No. 6 - Dec 94 /
 No. 1 - Jan 95
 Vol. 42 - pp. 3-7

Willy Claes
Secretary General of NATO
and Chairman of the North Atlantic Council

                   Cooperation, partnership and NATO's enlargement 

                   (...) Obviously, an important part of the new security landscape in Europe is
                   Russia. Russia remains the single most powerful military power in Europe.
                   As Secretary General, I wish to develop close relationships of trust and
                   mutual benefit between NATO and Russia, building on the legac of my
                   predecessor, the late Manfred Woerner. Starting in 1990 when he
                   travelled to Moscow to extend NATO's hand of friendship, Manfred
                   Woerner created a very solid foundation for our future relationship. 

                   In this regard, Partnership for Peace provides an important opportunity to
                   enhance Alliance relations with Russia. In addition, the "broad, enhanced
                   dialogue and cooperation" NATO has agreed to pursue with Russia
                   outside the PFP framework will make a further contribution to stability and
                   security in Europe. In this partnership, each side will respect the
                   sovereignty of the other, and there will be no droit de regard. Moreover,
                   the NATO-Russian relationship will not be based on any concept of
                   "spheres of influence". Rather, we seek to build the new Europe based
                   upon respect for CSCE principles, including freedom from coercion.
                   Indeed, successfully developing a NATO-Russia relationship based on
                   these principles is vital to our goal of a "Europe whole and free". 

                   Our evolving relationship with Russia has steadily gained in substance. On
                   1 December, Russian Foreign Minister Andrei Kozyrev met with the North
                   Atlantic Council in a "16+1" format to review two important documents -
                   the Individual Partnership Programme between NATO and Russia and a
                   further development of the enhanced NATO-Russian relationship "beyond
                   PFP". Although further discussion will be required before formal agreement
                   can be reached on them, this ministerial-level meeting was a first for the
                   Alliance and for Russia too. I am convinced that there can be no durable
                   European security system without the active, constructive and cooperative
                   involvement of Russia.