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Resolution of the Georgian Parliament,
18 July 2001

Report on the Resolution of the Georgian Parliament
on the Violation of the Joint Declaration 

 (...) after which Parliament proceeded to considerations of the reasons of failure to withdraw Russian military bases from the territory of Georgia in compliance with the resolution of the 1999 Istanbul Summit.

Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs Giorgi Burduli made a report on this subject. According to Mr Burduli, the seventh round of talks between Russia and Georgia conducted on June 22d in Moscow revealed the Russian party's preparedness for the withdrawal of military base from Gudauta.

Giving strict evaluation of the fact Chairman of the Supreme Council of Abkhazeti Tamaz Nadareishvili stated, that the separatist regime of Abkhazeti survived through the maintenance of Russian military base in Gudauta which is the cause for impediment to the return of the territory of Abkhazeti.

In this respect, Parliament considered two draft resolutions submitted by the Traditionalists and the majority. In their draft the Traditionalists express utter concern about the gross violation of the OSCE resolution and demand for urgent measures. In the second draft submitted by the majority Parliament confirms its adherence to the international obligations and calls on the Russian party to fulfil the obligations fixed in the OSCE resolution.

Parliament concluded both of the versions and passed by 163 votes an appropriate resolution stating that:

- the intentional impediment to the withdrawal of military base from Gudauta should be regarded as a gross violation of the sovereignty of Georgia, open support of the separatist regime of Akhazeti, de facto occupation of the part of Georgia's territory after the ethnic cleansing of Georgians conducted in the years of 1992-1994 and an attempt to legalise annexation; 

- the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia should address to the OSCE, its member countries and other international organisations with request to react upon the fact of gross violation of the OSCE resolution by the Russian Federation; 

- the Ministries of Tax and Finance should conduct measures to determine the total of the Russian party's debts on municipal and land taxes and provide the extraction of the debts in compliance with the procedure provided for by the legislation; 

- the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Georgia should start immediate negotiations with the Russian party on the subject of illegal withdrawal of Georgia's share in the military equipment of the USSR; 

- the appropriate parliamentary committees should prepare their recommendations with respect to the Georgian party's demand for the compensation of material and ecological damage brought by the Russian military bases; 

- in the event if  the Russian party does not fulfil the entire obligations fixed in the OSCE resolution, the Parliament will consider the rationality of ratification of the adjusted treaty on the regular military forces of Europe.