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Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Moldova, 
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The Foreign Policy Guidelines for the period 1998-2000

1. Consolidation of independence and sovereignty and preserving the territorial integrity of the Republic of Moldova.
  • The bilateral and multilateral political and diplomatic effort will be further continued in order to foster the unconditional, complete and orderly withdrawal of the russian troops from the territory of the Republic of Moldova.
  • Sustained efforts will be undertaken with a view of establishing of a viable mechanism of ensuring the security of the state, taking into account the statute of permanent neutrality of the country, enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Moldova.
3. Bilateral Cooperation
  • Continuous development of constructive relations with the Russian Federation and maximum utilisation of the co-operation potential with this country, attributing, at the same time, special attention to the elaborating in the nearest future of a position on the issue of Moldo-Russian Treaty.