BITS @ work:
BITS – Providing independent expertise to promote cooperative security
Since its foundation in 1991 BITS has established a reputation for providing independent expertise on military security issues, especially in the field of nuclear and conventional disarmament and arms control, non-proliferation, and NATO-Russian relations. BITS main goal is to promote cooperative security by stimulating a constructive dialogue within and between governments, political parties, organizations and NGOs.
BITS – Informing decision makers, the media and the public
BITS informs politicians, government officials, NGOs, the media, and the general public. To be able to provide up-to-date and comprehensive information BITS has established a multinational and multi-disclipinary network of independent experts, who monitor and analyse current events and political developments in the security field. 
BITS – Dedicated to making an impact
BITS goes beyond simply giving information. BITS is dedicated to making an impact on government policies. The center provides independent input at early stages of the political process. Being well-connected in administrations, parties, and the media BITS is able to influence political discussions before decisions are taken. By formulating policy proposals with new approaches to manage security BITS offers new alternatives to politicians and other decision makers. 
BITS – Research and information on the inside-track
BITS offers a wide range of publication to its target audiences of politicians, government officials, decision makers and journalists. Though the center lays an emphasis on shaping political dialogues, BITS research publications are widely read among scholars on both sides of the atlantic. BITS Research Reports give detailed background information on topical security issues. Shorter BITS Research Notes present a concise summary of a security issue under discussion. BITS Policy Notes are concerned with current political debates often suggesting innovative new solutions. All of BITS publications profit from the center’s broad knowledege base and its access to insider information. Readers are offered a cornucopia of expert information which enables them to take an active part in the political discussion on security issues. BITS authors do not exclusively write for the center. They have published numerous books, journal articles and op-ed pieces for daily and weekly newspapers. BITS researchers also regularly appear on TV and radio giving interviews and taking part in discussion panels.  The Newsletter of the Project on European Nuclear Non-Proliferation (PENN) was also edited at BITS. 
BITS – Building networks to strenghten support for cooperative security
BITS is part of an international network of security experts. BITS was the driving force in the foundation of the Network for European and Transatlantic Security (NETS). NETS brings together institutions doing research on security issues from Austria, Belgium, England, Holland, Spain, Sweden and the United States and has correspondents in Finnland, Norway, Russia and Switzerland. 
BITS – Projects for a safer world
At present BITS is working on five core projects. "The Task Force 19+1"  is a nickname for a project on NATO-Russia relations and the future of European security promoting cooperative and collective security arrangements. The Project on European Nuclear Non-Proliferation (PENN) monitors processes influencing nuclear non-proliferation and disarmament in Europe. A third project promotes Asian-European dialogue among NGOs Asian-European dialogue among NGOs and concentrates on enhancing security in both regions. The multilateral negotiations of the Conference of Disarmament are montitored by a BITS correspondent in the Geneva project. The small arms and arms trade project does research on the arms trade and explores options for arms control and disarmament
BITS – Providing resources for journalists and scholars
The BITS library and archives are open to the public. The ressources are used by journalists, scholars, and students. A lot of the source documents and information archived by BITS are rarely to be found elsewhere. The BITS library contains more than 25.000 documents, official government reports and records and so-called „grey literature", mainly in German, English and Russian. BITS also has about 150 journals, magazines and newsletters as well as more than 5.000 books.
BITS – Supported by renowned foundations and organizations
BITS draws more than 90 percent of its funding from project designated grants by renowned foundations like the Ford Foundation, the W. Alton Jones Foundation or the Heinrich Böll Foundation. BITS also gets support from other NGOs and think tanks like BICC, UNICEF, and Greenpeace with payments received for research. Furthermore the BITS-Support Association, a tax-exempt membership organization and registered charity, contributes to BITS finances.