BITS Staff:
BITS Staff:
Otfried Nassauer (Director)
Director of BITS / Freelance Journalist, Founder of BITS and Member of the Board

Fields of activity and expertise:
  • International security organisations (NATO, WEU, EU, OSCE, UN)
  • Military strategy and doctrine
  • German foreign, security and defense politics
  • NATO-Russia / EU-Russia / Transatlantic relations
  • Arms Control and Disarmament (START, ABM, CFE, NPT, Ottawa-Process)
  • Revolution in Military Affairs, future military planning and technologies
  • Arms Trade and Weapon Systems / Weapons of Mass Destruction / Small Arms / Landmines
  • Publications cover a wide range of security related topics
  • Frequent essays, scientific articles and interviews in German and English language media
  • Author and (co-)editor of numerous books on security related issues
Mark Ernstberger

Fields of activity and expertise:
  • office management
  • technical management of BITS-homepage
  • contact point for visits and inquiries
Previous experience:
  • State-certified technical specialist
Roman Deckert
Research Assistant
Alexander Lurz
external Research Assistant
Gerhard Piper
Research Assistant, Freelance Journalist and Publisher

Fields of activity and expertise:
  • Military strategy and -capability / Weapons of Mass Destruction / Weapon Technology
  • Armed conflicts and wars
  • Migration
Previous Experience:
  • Student of Political Science in Marburg/Germany and Berlin/Germany
  • Editor of the electronic newsletter at BITS
  • Co-editor of the monthly publication "antimilitarismus information" (1991-2002)
  • Numerous articles on security-related topics
external staff members:
Christopher Steinmetz
Freelance Journalist - external Associate Expert

Fields of activity and expertise:
  • German and European arms export policy 
  • Defense industry Structure of the German army 
  • Military conscription systems European security architecture Conflict studies  
  • Civil War Studies  
  • Mercenaries International Security
  • Transnational Corporations
Previous Experience:
  • Student of Political Science at the Otto-Suhr-Institut (FU Berlin) in Berlin/Germany
  • Research assistant at the "Los Angeles Times" Bureau in Berlin/Germany  
  • Co-editor of the monthly publication "antimilitarismus information" (1992-2002)  
  • Advisor for NGO's
  • Studies and articles in academic/scientific publications on peace research and issues of security politics
Manfred Schünemann
Freelance Journalist - external Associate Expert

Fields of activity and expertise:
  • Russian foreign and security policy
  • Domestic and foreign policy of the Ukraine
  • Post-soviet intra-regional relations and crisis 
Previous Experience:
  • Student of History and German at the Greifswald University
  • Student of foreign policy at the Institute for International Relations in Potsdam-Babelsberg and the Academy of Diplomats in Moscow
  • GDR Diplomatic Service, including representations at Moscow, Kiev and Belgrad
  • Management of research projects on transformation of Russian and Ukrainian security and foreign policy 
  • Editor and co-editor of publications on the development of the CIS and Ukrainian security policy 
  • Articles for political journals and newspapers on Ukrainian foreign and security policy and problems of transformation
Ulf Terlinden Homepage
external Associate Expert

Fields of activity and expertise:
  • Nuclear Weapons in Europe and Nuclear Disarmament  
  • Conflict Studies on Africa and Conflict prevention
Previous Experience:
  • Student of Political Science at the Free University / Berlin, Focus on Peace and Conflict Research
  • Volunteer work for the Nuclear Disarmament Campaign of Greenpeace Germany  
  • Research assistant at BITS, especially on landmines, small arms and conflicts in Africa
Dr. Alexander Neu
external Associate Expert

Fields of activity and expertise: 
  • Expert Kosovo  
BITS - Member of the Board:
Gerd Busmann Marianne Eulitz
Member of the Board Member of the Board
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