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BITS Press Release:
08.03.2005 Deutsche Rüstungskomponenten-Exporte: Aus den Augen, aus dem Sinn - und damit aus der Kritik!  
16.04.2004 US Defense Science Board calls for strategic use of calmative chemical weapons
Pentagon-Berater empfehlen Entwicklung neuer chemischer Waffen
29.05.2001 Larger Nuclear Weapons Storage Facilities in Europe
Größere Nuklearwaffenlager in Europa
12.12.2000 New Proposal for Nuclear Arms-Control Suggested
Neuer Vorschlag für nukleare Abrüstung 
06.07.2000 NMD Test Rigged for Success
Raketenabwehrtest ein teures und sinnloses Schauspiel
18.05.2000 Rußland führt NATO Glasnost vor
03.05.2000 NATO: Neue Militärstrategie als Sperrfeuer gegen nukleare Rüstungskontrolle
02.05.2000 NATO Council Could Adopt Nuclear Strategy Today
14.12.1999 NATO-Russia Nuclear Security Initiative Urged
21.06.1999 Crisis Prevention Finds Its Way Onto EU-US Summit Agenda
EU-US Summit Reaffirms Commitment to Stability Pact
12.05.1999 Egypt Proposes Ending NATO Nuclear Sharing
11.05.1999 NATO Nuclear Policies Slammed at Non-Proliferation Treaty PrepCom
25.04.1999 NATO Reiterates Controversial Nuclear Doctrine
24.04.1999 NATO at odds with itself over European Security
NATO Assigns Counterproliferation Tasks to Military Forces
Will NATO defend Montenegro?
22.04.1999 Washington Rebuffs Turkish Fear Over Russian Missiles for Cyprus
19.01.1999 Conference on Disarmament to begin talks on Fissile Material Treaty
07.12.1998 Die NATO vor Nuklearen Entscheidungen 
04.09.1998 Washington Rebuffs Turkish Fear Over Russian Missiles for Cyprus
17.08.1998 US targets terrorists with nuclear weapons
30.07.1998 Pakistani Turnaround Makes Negotiations on Fissile Material Possible
13.05.1998 US Nonproliferation Policy Failed as India Continues Tests
12.05.1998 Indian Nuclear Tests Challenge Nuclear Powers
08.05.1998 Bonn: Nuklearer Ersteinsatz wird in der NATO nicht in Frage gestellt 
28.04.1998 Non-Aligned Movement Demands an End to NATO Nuclear Sharing
06.03.1998 Expanding NATO's Nuclear No's
NATO slows down integration of new members
12.12.1997 Ministers to Issue Guidance for New NATO Strategy
28.08.1997 US still suspected of Biological Weapons Use
26.08.1997 Cuban Biological Weapons allegations: More questions than answers
06.07.1997 The NATO-Ukraine Charter - First Act or Curtain Call?
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