Task Force 19 + 1

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Detailed Description of  Task Force 19 + 1



In Task Force 19+1 researchers from Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, the United States and several other countries are working together to promote an inclusive European Security Architecture based on the principles of collective security and common security for the whole of Europe, including Russia.



Task Force 19+1 deals with a wide range of topics, among them are

  • NATO-Russia and EU-Russia dialogue;
  • The relationship between the various European security institutions;
  • Disarmament, arms control and non-proliferation;
  • Transparency in politico-military relations.


Task Force 19 + 1 at work

Task Force 19+1 is active in various fields to gather support for improved NATO-Russia relations and a cooperative security environment in Europe:

  • Drafting concrete policy proposals to make an impact on official policy;
  • Briefing politicians and government officials to ensure informed decisions;
  • Building networks among NGOs in Europe, Russia, and the United States;
  • Enhancing public awareness by providing access to in-depth background information for journalists, NGOs, and the public;
  • Stimultating the politico-scientific debate by publishing articles and research reports.



The work of Task Force 19+1 is made possible by a generous grant of the Ford Foundation.


Detailed Description of  Task Force 19 + 1