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 08/ 06/ 2002

Press communiqué issued by the Ministerial Council of the Gulf Cooperation Council at its eighty-third session held in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia


(...)   II. Political issues

The Ministerial Council studied the situation between Kuwait and Iraq in the light of the resolutions adopted by the Supreme Council at its previous sessions and the positive outcome of the Arab Summit Conference held in Beirut on 27and 28 March 2002 which contributes to the strengthening of regional security and cooperation. 

The Council expressed its hope that what had been agreed on at the Conference would lead to concrete and practical steps conducive to the implementation of the relevant international resolutions, particularly with regard to Kuwaiti prisoners and detainees
and the nations of other States, the restitution of Kuwaiti property and the prevention of any repetition of the events of 1990.