Excerpt [10945/02]
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 22/ 07/ 2002
2447th Council meeting

- General Affairs and External Relations - 

(...) Iraq - Common Position
The Council adopted a Common Position supplementing Common Position 96/741/CFSP
concerning the derogations from the embargo with regard to Iraq (doc. 11005/02).

On 14 May 2002, the UN Security Council adopted Resolution 1409 which provides for a new
regime for derogations from the embargo with regard to Iraq, based on a Goods Review List and
simplified procedures for its application. The Common Position provides that within the framework
of the embargo established with regard to Iraq, in particular in Security Council Resolutions 661
(1990) and 687 (1991), the derogations from the embargo established by Resolution 986 (1995) and implemented in accordance with the Memorandum of Understanding of 20 May 1996 between Iraq and the UN Secretary-General shall be allowed under the conditions set out in Resolution 1409. (...)