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 17/ 09/ 2002

Statement by H.E. Kamal Kharrazi 

Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Before the Annual Coordination Meeting of the OIC Foreign Ministers


(...) Mr. Chairman,

The Organization of the Islamic Conference should bring greater focus to the situation in Iraq. The Islamic Republic of Iran has always underlined the need to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of Iraq and believe that Iraq’s future, like any other country, must be decided only by the Iraqi people through democratic means. In this context, we welcome the announcement by the government of Iraq of its intention to comply by the relevant Security Council resolutions and resume cooperation with United Nations weapons inspectors, so as to prepare the ground for lifting of the sanctions and protecting its people against further calamities. We call on the Organization to use its resources and experiences to deal with this crisis in the interest of Iraqi people as well as that of peace and security in the region. (...)