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 18/ 09/ 2002
Statement by H.E. Kamal Kharrazi 

Minister for Foreign Affairs of the Islamic Republic of Iran Before the Meetingof NAM Coordinating Bureau


(...) Madam Chairperson,

The decision by the Government of Iraq to allow the return of the UN weapons inspectors has been well received by the international community. It followed a global campaign against an arbitrary and unilateral approach outside the framework of the United Nations and international law. In the course of that campaign, almost the entire world expressed itself clearly against any unilateral approach and the notions, such as regime change, which are fully alien to and in conflict with international law. My Government, which has always considered unilateralist adventures a threat to regional peace and a dangerous precedent which is detrimental to global security, spared no effort in this regard and joins the international community in expressing satisfaction at the outcome that we have achieved collectively. 

We believe that the decision made by the Iraqi Government demonstrated the ability of the United Nations and the multilateral approach in defusing crisis situations. This decision should immediately be implemented in order to remove any excuse for resort to military means and provide an opportunity for diplomacy to work. It should further open the way for full implementation of the relevant Security Council resolutions on Iraq, which thus far the international community, including my country, has steadily called for.

We believe that the prompt and hassle-free entry of the weapons inspectors into Iraqi territory and the commencement of their work without delay would be the next step, which will help the international community to quench the drums of war. Ultimately, the final, peaceful resolution of this crisis would enhance the rule of law at the international level and promote multilateral diplomacy. Undoubtedly, such an outcome, coupled with a real commitment by the Iraqi Government to live in peace with its neighbors, will greatly serve the cause of peace and stability in our whole region and put an end to the sufferings of Iraqi people.

Therefore, under current circumstances, I believe that States member of the
NAM should continue their efforts with a view to encourage the Iraqi Government to fully abide by its obligations thus forestalling any possible adventure by the extremist forces in Washington. (...)